JPDU Pre-Australs 2015


日時 2015年6月28日(日)
会場 お茶の水大学
参加対象 全てのディベーター(含高校生)
ディベート形式 Australasian Style
大会形式 予選3ラウンド+Grand Final


Team Prize

Mitsushi Ono/Thomas Mallon/Sayaka Nakano

Kowa Niikura/Yuki Oka/Tomoya Yonaga

Team Rankings
1st 最悪なクリスマス(3wins 803.67pts)
2nd Brits+1(3wins, 802.33pts)
3rd Chikara A(2wins, 794 pts)
4th ネクステージ3周してきたけぇー(2wins, 790.5pts)
5th Fhilipina A(2wins, 790.33pts)

Speaker Prize

Best Speakers
Kowa Niikura(Brits+1)

2nd Best Speakers
Thomas Mallon(最悪なクリスマス)
Yuki Oka(Brits+1)

4th Best Speaker
Mitsushi Ono(最悪なクリスマス)

5th Best Speaker
Toshiaki Ikehara(Don’t Like Keio but These Guys are Okey)

Reply Speaker Awards
Kowa 38.5pt Niikura(Brits+1)
Thomas 38.5pt Mallon(最悪なクリスマス)

Breaking Adjudicators

April Broadbent
Isao Ayabe
Ken Kuroki
Kohei Arakawa
Jayee Salud
Ryoya Kurauchi
Shimon Nakayama
Shingo Fujita
Tamane Sasaki
Yasufumi Tozuka
Yukiha Noda
Yusuke Yonezawa

Reserved Breaking Adjudicators

Mayu Fujita
Yuka Okunaga

Best Adjudicators
Yusuke Yonezawa(Titech)

2nd Best Adjudicator
Ryoya Kurauchi(Tokyo)

3rd Best Adjudicator
Ken Kuroki(ICU)

4th Best Adjudicator
Jayvee Salud

5th Best Adjudicator
Yukiha Noda(Tokyo)

Round 1
Theme: Feminism Hand
Info Slide:
Info: Recently Chinese feminists have begun posting pictures of their armpit hair on social media. There is also a growing trend of women dyeing armpit hair in unnatural colours.

T feminist movement should support armpit hair competition.
T feminist should applaud the rise of songs by female pop artists that glorify assertive female sexuality.
T having more women holding higher leadership positions (e.g. CEOs, politicians) should not be the central focus of feminism.

Round 2
Theme: Economy
Info Slides
Cash-on-Delivery is the scheme for development aid that focuses on the results, encourages innovation and strengthens government accountability to citizens rather than donors. Under Cash-on-Delivery aid, donors would pay for measurable and verifiable progress on specific outcomes, such as $100 dollars for every child above baseline expectations who completes primary school and takes a test. When recipients cannot achieve the goal of what they are expected before having the contracts, aid from donors is going to decrease than before or stops.

The leniency policy offers companies involved in a cartel – which self-report and hand over evidence – either total immunity from fines or a reduction of fines which the Fair Trade Commission would have otherwise imposed on them. The order of report and the quantity/quality of information matters in terms of the kinds of exemption corporations can obtain.

T development aid should be given based on cash-on-delivery scheme.
T state should actively regulate the number of entrant to industry in order to avoid excessive competition.
T states should abolish leniency policy and impose stricter punishment for violations

Round 3
Theme: Policy
T prominent civil society activists should choose not to run for public office
T we should abolish all permanent seats on the UN Security Council.
T liberal democracies should deprive its citizens of their citizenships if they engage in the activities of militant terrorist organisations.

Grand Final
Theme: Society
Info Slide
Pink washing: The promotion of the gay-friendliness of a corporate or political entity in an attempt to downplay or soften aspects of it considered negative. – Wikipedia
That the gay right movements should oppose pink washing.
That the feminist movement should abandon the term feminist in favor of a new name such as equalist. (Debated)
That governments of states with large but marginalized indigenous populations should aim for the increased employment of indigenous peoples over employing immigrants.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.14.26 AM

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Haruki Koma (東京大学)
Vice Tournament Director Kosuke Watanabe (慶応義塾大学)
Chief Adjudicator Yasufumi Tozuka (東京大学)
Deputy Chief Adjudicator April Broadbent (Griffith/Nanzan)
Kohei Arakawa (ICU/Hit-U)
Shimon Nakayama (KDS)
Shingo Fujita (WAD)
Communication Director Ryota Yoshii (神奈川大学)
Financial Director Takashi Imai (上智大学)
Tournament Coordinator Mayuko Nagata (津田塾大学)
Media Director Hideo Takas (芝浦工業大学)
Tabulation Director Kana Hatano (国際基督教大学)
Vice Tabulation Director Shintaro Koyama (東京外国語大学)
Supervise Director Natsuki Sasahara (横浜国立大学)