1st Asian Prep


ディベート形式 Asianスタイル
大会形式 予選ラウンド、決勝トーナメント (GFから)


1st Prize
KDS (慶應義塾大学)
Masako Suzuki / Kentaro Suzuki / Ryo Takikawa

2nd Prize
Seikei (成蹊大学)
Taro Nihongi / Atsushi Mimura / Naoto Wada


Round 1: South-East Asia
THBT members of ASEAN should reject any cooperation for reconstruction of Iraq.
TH supports death penalty for drug trafficking.
THBT notion of Asian Value is a poor excuse.
Round 2: Make It Humor! (Funny Round)
THBT Doraemon can save the world.
THBT we should play soccer games with two balls.
THBT we should clone Mickey Mouse.
Round 3: Theory and Reality
THBT globalization marginalizes the poor.
THBT free trade brings harms rather than benefits for developing countries.
THBT Asian Free Trade Area is the way to go.
Grand Final: After the War
THBT U.S. should take military action on North Korea.
THBT U.S. should allow U.N. to take a major role in rebuilding Iraq.
THBT U.S. should get out of the Middle East.
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