4th Supernova Cup


日時 2009年11月21日(土), 22日(日)
会場 11/21 慶應義塾大学湘南藤沢キャンパス
11/22 津田塾大学
参加対象 ディベート歴2年未満の者
ディベート形式 NAスタイル
大会形式 1日目: 予選ラウンド
2日目: 決勝トーナメント


1st Prize
WAD C (早稲田大学)
Kowa Niikura / Johnson Lin
2nd Prize
Titech A (東京工業大学)
Takao Oguchi / Teruaki Tanizawa
3rd Prize
KDS C (慶応義塾大学)
Kota Takahashi / Shin Yokohama
3rd Prize
Tsuda A (津田塾大学)
Marika Kishimoto / Sachi Toyoshima

Quater Finalists
TUFS A(東京外国語大学)
OU A(大阪大学)
Titech D(東京工業大学)
Kyoto A(京都大学)

Octo Finalists
ICU A(国際基督教大学)
UT B(東京大学)
WAD A(早稲田大学)
Kobe D(神戸大学)
UK B(北九州市立大学)
TMU D(首都大学東京)
OU B(大阪大学)
TMU B(首都大学東京)

Speaker Awards

Best Speaker Ayana Shimizu(ICU A)
Syun Otsudumi(TMU B)
3rd Best Speaker Takaho Yamaguchi(OU A)
Kaisu Cho(Kyoto A)
Shin Yokohama(KDS C)
6th Best Speaker Hideto Sakurai(ICU A)
Taro Kimura(KDS B)
Satoshi Serizawa(KDS B)
Rino Negishi(AGU B)
10th Best Speaker Chiaki Takayama(TUFS A)
Marika Kishimoto(Tsuda A)
Hiroaki Otomori(KDS A)


Round 1:
THW subsidize child care businesses.
Round 2:
THBT politicians should be held responsible for their secretary’s offence.
Round 3:
THBT having the other sex as a partner is better than having the same sex partner in debate.
Round 4:
THW impose tax on savings during times of economic recession.
Round 5:
THW require doctors to report all cases of suspected domestic violences.
Octo Final:
THW ban cosmetic surgery.
Quarter Final:
THW make population control by birth rate reduction a pre-requisite of aid.
Semi Final:
THW allow prisoners to donate their organs in exchange for the shortening of their sentences.
THW introduce female quota system into the Diet.

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Masahiko Ike
Vice Tournament Director Yusuke Watanabe
Adjudication Director Hiroko Tachibana
Vice Adjudication Director Haruka Takegoshi
Communication Director Mari Motomura
Financial Director Junko Ishii
Tournament Coordinator Atsushi Yoshida
Tabulation Director Yoshinori Fujiwara
Presentation Director Ryo Hayakawa
Master of Ceremony Yoko Sako

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