7th JPDU Tournament


日時 2005年9月17日(土), 18日(日)
会場 9/17 東京女子大学・善福寺キャンパス
9/18 横浜市立大学・金沢八景キャンパス
ディベート形式 NAスタイル
大会形式 1日目: 予選ラウンド
2日目: 決勝トーナメント


1st Prize
OPU A (大阪府立大学)
Koji Sobata / Shoko Kaneta
2nd Prize
ICU B (国際基督教大学)
Akira Koubara / Hisashi Okuda
3rd Prize
ICU A (国際基督教大学)
Manabu Igusa / Dai Oba
3rd Prize
Tsuda A (津田塾大学)
Naoko Tsuchihashi / Chisa Uekama

Quater Finalists
Seikei A (成蹊大学)
KDS A (慶応義塾大学)
TMU (東京都立大学)
TWCU C (東京女子大学)

Octo Finalists
UK A (北九州市立大学)
UT A (東京大学)
TWCU A (東京女子大学)
Kyoto A (京都大学)
KGH C (関西外国語大学穂谷学舎)
Seikei C (成蹊大学)
ICU C (国際基督教大学)
Seikei B (成蹊大学)

Speaker Awards

Best Speaker Yusuke Mizuno (Seikei A)
2nd Best Speaker Chisa Uekama (Tsuda A)
3rd Best Speaker Manabu Igusa (ICU A)
Keisuke Niwa (KDS A)
5th Best Speaker Miki Kawaguchi (UK A)
6th Best Speaker Rieko Higashi (Seikei A)
Keiko Shindo (KDS A)
Sayaka Matsumoto (Kyoto B)
Naoko Tsuchihashi (Tsuda A)
Ryoko Furusawa (Tsuda B)


Round 1:
THW encourage “Otaku” culture.
Round 2:
THW make all stages of education free.
Round 3:
THBT the US should take care of its own country rather than Iraq.
Round 4:
THW ban having pets.
Round 5:
THBT government can profit from citizen’s sin.
Octo Final:
THBT expanding democracy benefits security.
Quarter Final:
THW release the name of juvenile criminals.
Semi Final:
THW allow parents to have proxy votes for their children.
Grand Final:
THW interfere with media when classified information is leaked from it.

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Tomoaki Umeki
Vice Tournament Director Yosuke Uehara
Adjudication Director Takaaki Kubozono
Communication Director Mana Wakayama
Financial Director
Tournament Coordinator Yoshihiro Mori
Hisao Kodachi
Tabulation Director Yuichi Gyoda

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