9th JPDU Tournament


日時 2006年4月22日(土), 23日(日)
会場 国際基督教大学
参加対象 学部生、大学院生
ディベート形式 Asianスタイル
大会形式 1日目: 予選ラウンド
2日目: 決勝トーナメント
備考 ルーキーブレイク有


1st Prize
Joint A
Jonathan Borock / Yoshihiro Kobayashi / Go Nakanishi
2nd Prize
UTDS (東京大学)
Chihiro Nakagawa / Shunsuke Ishimoto / Hirofumi Jinno
3rd Prize
ICU A (国際基督教大学)
Dai Oba / Manabu Igusa / Hisashi Okuda
3rd Prize
ICU D (国際基督教大学)
Akira Kobara / Yuka Haino / Tomohisa Ishikawa

Quarter Finalists
Titech A (東京工業大学)
KDS A (慶応大学)
KDS B (慶応大学)
SDS (上智大学)


1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Joint B
3rd Prize

Speaker Awards

Best Speaker Jonathan Borock (Joint A)
2nd Best Speaker Yoshihiro Kobayashi (Joint A)
3rd Best Speaker Chihiro Nakagawa (UTDS)
4th Best Speaker Keisuke Niwa (KDS A)
5th Best Speaker Yusuke Nakazawa (KU B)
Dai Oba (ICU A)


Round 1: Environment
THW resume whale hunting.
THBT developing countries should take responsibilities for environment.
THBT the WTO should restrict trading with countries which engage in environmental destruction.
Round 2: Asia
THBT the resignation of Thaksin Shinawatra is the triumph of democracy.
THBT the Philippines should have a parliamentary system rather than a presidential system.
THBT ASEAN should suspend its non-intervention policy.
Round 3: Subculture
THBT violent video game is legitimate entertainment.
THW restrain children from gangsta rap.
THBT graffiti is one of the forms of art.
Round 4: Justice
THW put the right to know before privacy.
THBT terrorist suspects are also presumed innocent until proven guilty.
THBT affirmative action does not promote gender equality.
Quarter Final: Middle East
THW restart aid to Hamas government.
THBT NATO should impose military sanctions against Iran.
THW dismantle “security wall” in Israel.
Semi Final: Health&Welfare
THW advocate generic drugs.
THW accuse China of selling prisoners’ organs.
THBT providing health insurance to all the citizens is the duty of a nation.
Grand Final: Japan
THBT patriotism should not be taught in moral education.
THW abolish a term limit of Prime Minister.
THW take harder action on China over the disputed islands.
Grand Final: Law and Order
THBT hard policy is better than soft one.
THBT the USA should grant residency to illegal immigrants.
THBT civil disobedience is not the reason to change government’s policies.

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Emi Yasukawa
Vice Tournament Director Maki Ashida
Minami Shigeeda
Adjudication Director Arata Okuyama
Masafumi Takahashi
Communication Director Misako Tanaka
Financial Director Naoko Tsuchihashi
Tournament Coordinator Kaori Mukai
Nao Hidaka
Tabulation Director Satoshi Tanaka

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