15th JPDU Tournament


日時 2008年4月26日(土), 27日(日)
会場 4/26 東京女子大学
4/27 国際基督教大学
参加対象 学部生、大学院生
ディベート形式 Asianスタイル
大会形式 1日目: 予選ラウンド
2日目: 決勝トーナメント
備考 ルーキーブレイク有


1st Prize
ICU A (国際基督教大学)
Toshiaki Ikehara / Takuma Sasaki / Aya Saito
2nd Prize
Titech A (東京工業大学)
Kengo Ohta / Hiroyuki Hirano / Masayoshi Yoshikawa
3rd Prize
Joint C
Ryo Takigawa / Yoko Sako / Noriyuki Takizawa
3rd Prize
UT A (東京大学)
Dai Oba / Satoshi Minowa / Kimi Suzuki

Quarter Finalists
Titech B (東京工業大学)
Kyoto (京都大学)
ICU F (国際基督教大学)
Seikei A (成蹊大学)


1st Prize
AGU A (青山学院大学)
2nd Prize
KDS A (慶応義塾大学)
3rd Prize
AGU B (青山学院大学)
3rd Prize
Seikei C (成蹊大学)

Speaker Awards

Best Speaker Dai Oba (UT A)
Takuma Sasaki (ICU A)
Ryo Takikawa (Joint C)
4th Best Speaker Akira Kohbara (ICU F)
Toshiaki Ikehara (ICU A)
Yoko Sako (Joint C)
Akiko Ikeda (Sophia A)
8th Best Speaker Ayaka Matsumoto (Kyoto)
Haruka Kiguchi (Seikei A)
Sanshiro Haruta (AGU A)


Round 1: Business and Finance
THW punish governments regarded as tax havens.
THW buy dollars.
THW force sovereign wealth funds to disclose information on their investments.
Round 2: Democracy
THBT Japan should abolish the House of Councillors.
THBT Russia should prohibit government bureaucrats from being board members of companies.
THBT Turkey should ban religious-based political parties.
Round 3: Environment
THBT no country should develop natural resources in the Arctic.
THW prosecute those who buy products made from endangered species.
THW ban advertising environmentally unfriendly products.
Round 4: Diversity
THBT Malaysia should abolish affirmative action based on race.
THW abolish churches that support polygamy.
THW legalize incest.
Quarter Final: Interstate Conflict
THW militarily remove the oppressive regime in Zimbabwe.
THBT NATO should include more former USSR countries.
THW change the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea into a national park.
Semi Final / Rookie SF: THBT judges should be elected.
THW abolish the statute of limitations on crimes.
THW deport terrorists even if they would be tortured in their home countries.
Rookie Final: Well-being
THW prohibit junk food restaurants near schools.
THW prohibit using surrogacy overseas.
THBT mass media should not encourage people to be thin.
Grand Final: Human Lives
THBT China should prioritize economic development over labor protection.
THBT states should universally provide basic income for all citizens.
THW allow violent demonstrations to advocate their cause.

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Taichiro Yoshida
Vice Tournament Director Yuya Saito
Adjudication Director Hisashi Okuda
Communication Director Satomi Hemmi
Financial Director Minami Shigeeda
Tournament Coordinator Takeshi Ehara
Tabulation Director Yuji Wada
Presentation Director
Master of Ceremony
Masahiro Nishizaki

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