JPDU Japan Pre-Australs 2011


日時 2011年6月26日(土)
会場 慶應義塾大学
参加対象 全てのディベーター
ディベート形式 Australasianスタイル
大会形式 予選ラウンド、決勝トーナメント (GFから)


1st Prize
Commodore Perry’s Flotilla of Debaters
Will Jones / Lhydian Morgan / Toshiaki Ikehara

2nd Prize
Tokyo X
Shota Ido / Ryotaro Tanaka / Akira Kato

Speaker Awards

Best Speaker Will Jones (Commodore Perry’s Flotilla of Debaters )
2nd Best Speaker Lhydian Morgan (Commodore Perry’s Flotilla of Debaters )
3rd Best Speaker Kozo Ota (QT is going to hit u)
4th Best Speaker Akira Kato (Tokyo X)
Ryotaro Tanaka (Tokyo X)


Theme: Cross-Border Activities
That China should not provide financial and energy assistance to North Korea.
That we should ban mail-order brides
That East Asia should adopt a common history textbook

Theme: Outside VS Inside
That we should abolish beauty contests
That companies should not ask employees about their educational backgrounds
That we should ban all procedures designed to alter racial appearance

Theme: (Social) Media
That media facilities are legitimate targets in war
That the media should cap the report on crimes committed by minorities
That the hiring and firing by employers should not be influenced by information found on social networking sites

Theme: Social Contract
That governments should grant citizenship to illegal immigrants who report on work-place exploitation
That emigrants should pay an ‘exit tax’ when they change their citizenship
That governments should grant voting rights to foreigners

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Shiori Ikawa
Vice Tournament Director Hitomi Iitsuka, Masahiro Gahaku Ito
Chief Adjudicator Taro Kimura
Deputy Chief Adjudicator Tomoyo Miwa
Communication Director Yuka Morishita
Financial Director Nanami Kanazawa
Tournament Coordinator Hitomi Iitsuka
Tabulation Director Humishi Nakamura
Senior Director Takao Oguchi

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