25th JPDU Tournament


日時 2012年4月28日(土), 29日(日)
会場 4/28 東京外国語大学
4/29 国際基督教大学
参加対象 大学学部生、院生
ディベート形式 Asianスタイル
大会形式 1日目: 予選ラウンド1-4
2日目: 決勝トーナメント
備考 12チームブレイク


■Team Prize
ICU A (国際基督教大学)
(Sei Takizawa/ Kohki Sasaki/ Shuntaro Seki)

Hit-U B (一橋大学)
(Naohiro Togashi/ Noritaka Kon/ Tomoya Yonaga)

Semi Finalist
ICU B (国際基督教大学)
(Aiko Imai/ Yuki Tanaka/ Shunichi Arai)
Tokyo E (東京大学)
(Yuki Tominaga/ Shintaro Okawa/ Yuki Inoue)

Quarter Finalist
KDS A (慶應義塾大学)
(Mitsushi Ono/ Kazuki Tomimoto/ Yuki Oka)
ICU C (国際基督教大学)
(Kouhei Arakawa/ Riko Onishi/ Hitohito Asanuma)
Tokyo D (東京大学)
(Fumihiko Sano/ Kuwa Inokuchi/ Tomomi Sakurai)
Titech A (東京工業大学)
(Takeru Uchiyama/ Kento Kimura/ Ryutaro Oikawa)

Pre Quarter Finalist
Tokyo B (東京大学)
(Daiki Komatsu/ Nobuaki Kaneoya/ Takafumi Kawakubo)
Tokyo A (東京大学)
(Shiori Ikawa/ Toshinari Ishikawa/ Makoto Fukumoto)
WAD A (早稲田大学)
(Takehiro Kamei/ Naoto Soda/ Takenori Hayashi)
Hit-U A (一橋大学)
(Max Crylov/ Yusuke Ueda/ Go Shimizu)

Rookie Champion
ICU E (国際基督教大学)
(Miki Hosaka/ Tatsuya Hayashi/ Ayane Nomura)

Rookie Finalist
KDS C (国際基督教大学)
(Monami Nohara/ Shotaro Nakano/ Nobuhiro Morita)

Rookie Semi Finalist
ICU F (国際基督教大学)
(Marina Nakamura/ Leon Daisuke Oberbaeumer/ Satoshi Fujiwara)
WAD C (早稲田大学)
(Ryosuke Takahashi/ Rika Takemoto/ Qiangian Pu)

■Speaker Prize
The Best Speaker
Mitsushi Ono (KDS A)/ Yuki Tominaga (Tokyo E)

The 3rd Best Speaker
Takeru Uchiyama (Titech A)

The 4th Best Speaker
Yuki Oka (KDS A)

The 5th Best Speaker
Kouhei Arakawa (ICU C)
Max Cryloy (Hit-U A)

The 7th Best Speaker
Kuwa Inokuchi (Tokyo D)
Kohki Sasaki (ICU A)

The 9th Best Speaker
Fumihiko Sano (Tokyo D)
Sei Takizawa (ICU A)

■Breaking Teams
1st: KDS A
2nd: Tokyo E
3rd: Titech A
4th: ICU C
5th: ICU A
6th: Hit-U A
7th: Tokyo D
8th: Tokyo B
9th: ICU B
10th: WAD A
11th: Hit-U B
12th: Tokyo A

■Rookie Breaking Teams
1st: ICU E
2nd: ICU F
3rd: KDS C
4th: WAD C

■Judge Award
-Top Adjudictor
Sadahiro Ideriha
Shota Ido
Toshiaki Ikehara
Yoka Tomita

-Distinguished Adjudicator
Fumi Inoue
Kasumi Kato
Kazuki Tokunaga
Kei Arikawa
Tomohiro Nishimura

■Breaking Adjudicator(in no particular order)
Atsushi Onoyama
Fumi Inoue
Jonathan Borock
Kasumi Kato
Kazuki Tokunaga
Kei Arikawa
Sadahiro Ideriha
Shota Ido
Takao Oguchi
Taro Kimura
Tomohiro Nishimura
Toshiaki Ikehara
Miyuki Orito
Norimichi Takashima
Yoka Tomita
Chiaki Furukawa (CA)
Akira Kato (DCA)
Keita Takayanagi (DCA)
Masahiro Ito (DCA)

Akira Matsumoto
Hayato Morimoto
Kento Ogihara

Round 1
Theme: Innocent Children’s Cute Motions
THW allow single fathers/mothers to raise their children behind bars.
THBT students should bully each other during classes as a part of moral education curriculum.
THBT liberal democracies should end instilling nationalism on children in compulsory education.

Round 2
Theme: The Invisible Hand?
THW nationalize all forms of private banks.
THW prohibit discrimination in the labor market on the basis of appearance.
THBT WTO should impose trade barriers on products/services which were manufactured/provided by workers with excessively low labor standard.

Round 3
THBT adoption agencies that receive state funding should give priority to same sex couples.
THBT the LGBT community should “out” (reveal to the public that they are LGBT without their consent) celebrities.
THW introduce a quota system for LGBT in the national parliament.

Round 4
Theme: Flooded with Blood
THW prohibit military from accepting embedded journalists.
THBT the media should show the full horror of war.
THW make aid inversely proportionate to military spending.

Pre Quarter Finals
Theme: An Inconvenient Truth
THBT United States should nationalize all hospitals.
THBT United States should make citizens who lost a civil law suit to pay for the opponent’s lawyer cost in all cases.
THW abolish gated communities.

Quarter Finals
Theme: Thank God, I’m Atheist
THBT the ICC should prosecute the Pope for crimes against humanity.
THW require all religious schools to teach safe sex regardless of parental consent.
THBT priests should report the confession of serious crimes to the police.

Rookie Semi Finals
Theme: What’s the Right Thing to Do?
THW refuse to extradite suspected criminals to states where they face the death penalty.
THBT citizens convicted of serious crimes should lose all state benefits.
THW introduce racial profiling by the police.

Roookie Grand Final
Theme: Asia Now
THBT China should end its censorship now.
THBT West should stop all forms of sanctions on Myanmar now.
THW allow “unnatural sex” (anal, oral, etc) in Islamic countries.

Semi Finals
THW punish citizens who do not take regular medical check-ups.
THW increase consumption tax without majority consensus in Japan now.
THBT democracies should conscript citizens by lottery when facing any prolonged military intervention.

Grand Final
Theme: Good Old Days!
THBT Japan should abolish nuclear power plants.
THW ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy .
THW prohibit eating meat.

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Kowa Niikura (早稲田大学)
Chief Adjudicator Chiaki Furukawa (首都大学東京)
Deputy Chief Adjudicator Keita Takayanagi (国際基督教大学)
Akira Kato (東京大学)
Masahito Ito (東京工業大学)
Communication Director Takashi Iwai (東京大学)
Financial Director
Tournament Coordinator
Keiichiro Ito (青山学院大学)
Media Director Yutaro Kajiwara (大阪府立大学)
Tabulation Director Takuya Sekiguchi (首都大学東京)
Vice Tabulation Director Kengo Takeda (国際基督教大学)

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