21st JPDU Tournament


日時 2010年4月24日(土), 25日(日)
会場 4/24 東京女子大学
4/25 国際基督教大学
参加対象 学部生、大学院生
ディベート形式 Asianスタイル
大会形式 1日目: 予選ラウンド
2日目: 決勝トーナメント


1st Prize
WAD B (早稲田大学)
Kowa Niikura / Johnson Lin / Yoko Tamamura
2nd Prize
UT A (東京大学)
Ryotaro Tanaka / Toshinari Ishikawa / Yoka Tomita
3rd Prize
ICU A (国際基督教大学)
Hideto Sakurai / Ayana Shimizu / Yuri Akimoto
3rd Prize
Sophia B (上智大学)
Yuta Morishita / Ryo Kitamura / Benjamin Han

Quarter Finalists
ICU B (国際基督教大学)
KDS B (慶應義塾大学)
Kyoto A (京都大学)
YNU A (横浜国立大学)

Speaker Awards

Best Speaker Keita Takayanagi (ICU B)
2nd Best Speaker Benjamin Han (Sophia B)
3rd Best Speaker Ayana Shimizu (ICU A)
Taichi Kohatsu (ICU B)
Kazushige Kikuchi (Kobe B)
Ryotaro Tanaka (UT A)
Hiroaki Takahashi (YNU A)
8th Best Speaker Jonathan Borock (Joint A)
Mika Higa (KDS C)
Chisato Toki (Seikei A)
Masahiro Ito (Titech C)
Dai Oba (UT C)
Akira Kato (UT C)


Round 1: Warm Up
THW allow marijuana for pleasure.
THW ban all forms of gambling.
THW legalize euthanasia.
Round 2: Religion
THBT the state should require all religious schools to teach safe sex regardless of parental consent.
THBT aid agencies should not be allowed to undertake missionary activities.
THW ban wearing veils in public.
Round 3: Issues in Asia
THBT the Thai government should allow criticisms toward the Royal Monarchy.
THW abolish copyright laws.
THBT Japan should possess nuclear weapons.
Round 4: Sexuality
THW force all corporations to introduce quotas for women in upper management positions.
THW create separate units for gays in the military.
THW compel HIV infected people to disclose their disease to their sexual partners.
Octo Final: Terrorism
THW negotiate with terrorists.
THW prohibit civilians from entering foreign conflict zones.
THW allow terrorists to air their propaganda.
Quarter Final: SNS
THW ban police officers from posing as children on social networking sites to catch pedophiles.
THBT all social networking sites should limit their services to users over the legal age of adulthood.
THBT the U.S. government should subsidize twitter to liberalize oppressed societies.
Semi Final: United States
THW ban political contributions made by financial institutions.
THBT the US government should allow its soldiers to openly criticize the government.
THBT the US should not exclude ‘outliers like Iran and North Korea’ in its new nuclear policy.
Grand Final: Medical Ethics
THW use financial incentives to increase donations of organs.
THW allow minors to undergo abortion without parental consent.
THBT medical doctors from developing countries should not be allowed to migrate to the developed world.

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Masayuki Sawada
Vice Tournament Director Mari Motomura
Adjudication Director Ryohei Saito
Vice Adjudication Director Shota Ido
Communication Director Shota Ido
Financial Director Yoko Goto
Tournament Coordinator Atsushi Yoshida
Tabulation Director Atsushi Inutsuka
Master of Ceremony Maori Sato

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