JPDU Pre-Australs 2010


日時 2010年6月19日(土)
会場 東京工業大学
参加対象 全てのディベーター
ディベート形式 Australasianスタイル
大会形式 予選ラウンド、決勝トーナメント (GFから)


1st Prize
Alvin Tan / Robin Teo / Kelvin Chong
2nd Prize
Patpong Street Boys
Andrew Nishizaki / Kazuya Shirotani / Kazushige Yoshimaru

Speaker Awards

Best Speaker Robin Teo (NUS ARK)
2nd Best Speaker Kelvin Chong (NUS ARK)
3rd Best Speaker Keita Takayanagi (あいしーゆー☆1)
Alvin Tan (NUS ARK)
5th Best Speaker Tatsuki Ichihashi (イノセントチルドレン)


Round 1
That we should legalize intra-familial marriage.
That disclosure of criminal record amongst married couples should be mandatory by law.
That state should not recognize marriage or give any privileges to married couples.
Round 2: Unholy Enemies
That Israel should abandon the security wall.
That Gaza and West Bank should be separate states.
That US should end its aid to Israel.
Round 3: Little Angels & Demons
That one child’s body parts should not be used to save a sibling’s life.
That talented students should be taught separately from their peers.
That child labour in developing countries should be allowed.
Grand Final: The Worst Political System…
That the West should not pressure reconstructing countries to hold elections.
That China should have a fair and free elections.
That grand coalition should be banned.

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Masahiro ‘Gahaku’ Ito
Vice Tournament Director Shota Ido
Chief Adjudicator Toshiaki Ikehara
Deputy Chief Adjudicator Ryotaro Tanaka
Communication Director Takashi Iwai
Financial Director Hirokazu Honda
Tournament Coordinator Hirokazu Honda
Tabulation Director Takeru Uchiyama
Presentation Director Liu Yang
Master of Ceremony Aoba Niki

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