JPDU Pre-Australs 2016


日時 2015年6月28日(日)
会場 お茶の水大学
参加対象 全てのディベーター(含高校生)
ディベート形式 Australasian Style
大会形式 予選3ラウンド+Grand Final


Team Prize

Kowa Nick Niikura/Max Crylov/Tomoya Yonaga
学芸国際 A
Masaru Urano/Keita Kurita/Sho Masuda
3rd Best Team
InFidel Castro
Julius Cueto/Jayvee Salud/Chikara Mizokami
4th Best Team
Illegal T Point
Mitsushi Ono/Sayaka Rose Nakano/Allison Cruyff Flores Ladero
5th Best Team
Nanami Hara/Kenshin Nakahara/Yuki Oka

Team Rankings
1st Rogai Otome (3wins 844.67pts)
2nd Gakugei A (3wins 840pts)
3rd InFidel Castro (3wins 835.5pts)
4th T Point (2wins 845.5pts)
5th Himitsu no Nanami (2wins 840.75pts)
6th Yoshiari (2wins 828pts)
7th Chuka (2wins 826pts)
8th Raruru (2wins 821.67pts)
9th Shibunyan (2wins 818.75)
10th KL (2wins 817pts)
11st Kirakira Dinamite (2wins 816.5pts)
12nd Andooooo (2wins 809pts)
13rd Mayuchan (1win 821.5pts)
14th Tree (1win 807.5pts)
15th Minami’s (1win 807.5pts)
16th Asia Crystal (1win 805pts)
17th Asian style (1win 802.5pts)
18th Ore no secret summer (1win 801pts)
19th WSDC 1 (win 799pts)
20th SAD Brilliant (1win 794.5pts)
21st Quintessental (1win 788pts)
22nd ZOOTOPIA (0win 794.5pts)
23rd ICU Natsuyasumi (0win 792pts)
24th SAD Amazing (0win 786.5pts)

Team Name Prize

Speaker Prize
Best Speaker
Yuki Oka(ハリーポッターと秘密の七海)

2nd Best Speakers
Mitsushi Ono(Illegal T Point Collectors)

3rd Best Speaker
Keita Kurita (学芸国際 A)

4th Best Speaker
Max Crylov (老害の極み乙女)

5th Best Speaker
Sayaka Rose Nakano (Illegal T Point Collectors)
Sho Masuda (学芸国際 A)

Best Adjudicators
Best Adjudicators
Shingo Fujita (WAD)
Sawa Takehara (ICU)

3rd Best Adjudicator
Ken Kuroki(ICU,UT)

4th Best Adjudicator
Kaicho Tokunaga (UT)

5th Best Adjudicator
Toshinari Ishikawa (UT)

Round 1
Info Slide
Info: The manosphere is a name given to a loose and informal network of blogs, forums and websites, with internet commentators focusing on issue relating to men and masculinity, as a male counterpart to feminism or in opposition to it. Their content is varied, and includes Men Going Their Own Way(MGTOW), men’s rights issues, fathers’ right movement activists, and male victims of abuse, self-improvement, bodybuilding, antifeminism, seduction community commentary for pick-up artists.

That the feminist movement should severely condemn the narrative female ‘ought to be protected’.

That we should welcome the rise of the manosohere.

That the feminist movement should oppose the practice of wives adopting their partner’s name after marriage.

Round 2
That judges who repeatedly give verdict that contractive public majority option should be suspended.

That courts should not use evidence collected by illegal means.

That, the parent of a 10-year old child, after witnessing him/her push another child down a cliff during a heated argument resulting in the death of the other child, should choose to surrender to the police and shoulder the blame instead, assuming the knowledge that similar actions will result in 40-years imprisonment regardless of the age of perpetrator.

Round 3
Info Slide
Info: The EU model of socio-political integration involves EU member states working together through common institutions(European Commission, European Council, European Parliament) to set policy that is binding on all EU members. Other institutions that exist within the framework such as the Court of justice also have power to interpret EU law and pass binding judgement. In comparison, ASEAN operates on a principle of non-intervention, consensus and negotiations.

That UNESCO should not designate historical site of discrimination against minorities as cultural heritage sites.

Thar international sporting organisations(IOC,FIFA) should cancel sporting events if the prospective host country is experience an economic, political, or medical crisis.

That greater political integration, similar to that of the EU, will be for ASEAN countries.

Grand Final
That given a choice between a world without racial differences and a world without gender difference, a world without racial differences is better.

That we prefer the world with a unified universal common religion.

That money is the root of all evils.

Organizing Committee

Tournament Director Masako Ishihara (東京大学)
Vice Tournament Director Ibuki Sakanushi (慶応義塾大学)
Chief Adjudicator This tournament adopted Co-CA./td>
Co-CAs Kohei Arakawa (ICU/Hit-U)
Kasumi Nogawa (KDS)
Masahiro Hayashi (Titech)
Niu Yihao (WAD)
Mayu Arimoto(Tokyo)
Communication Director Ayaka Watanabe (東京大学)
Financial Director Koki Yoneda (神奈川大学)
Tournament Coordinator Yuki Hanaoka (東京女子大学)
Media Director Yoko Fujii (慶應義塾大学)
Tabulation Director Sae Kobayashi (慶應義塾大学)
Vice Tabulation Director Naoki Kagohashi (慶應義塾大学)
Supervise Director Ryota Yoshii (神奈川大学)