Adjudication Test for Japan Pre-Australs 2015

Dear adjudicators of Japan Pre-Australs 2015,

Hello we are the adjudication team of Japan Pre-Australs 2015.
Adjudication test is now available from the link here

-Exemption of the adjudication test
Regarding the exemption of the test, we set the criteria as is shown below
and those who meet these criteria will be exempted from taking it.
Please send us an e-mail by the end of 19th of June if you would like to claim for the exemption.

You should meet at least two of these three criteria.
1. Experienced AC in a tournament / tournaments
2. Broke as a debater in an international tournament at least once.
3. Broke as an adjudicator in an international tournament at least once.

When you send us an e-mail, please follow the format below.
[Title]: Your Name / Exemption of Adjudication Test
[Text]: Your achievement

-Adjudication test format
All the adjudicators, except for those exempted from taking the test,
have to sit the round in this link in its entirety and prepare
a justification and ballot reflecting how they would score and judge the round.
And what you should do is to fill in all the blanks of a form attached to this email
(You can download it at the end of this article.)
and hand it in to the adjudication core by the end of 24th of June.
The format required is Australs style, which means three on three
with two reply speeches and the score range is 70-80(reply is 35-40).

When you submit the adjudication test, please follow the format below.
[Title]: Your Name / Adjudication Test
[Text]: Blank

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the adjudication core.

Adjudication Core of Japan Pre-Australs 2015

Download the form for JPDU Pre-Australs 2015 Adjudication Test