Adjudication test for JPDU Autumn Tounament 2015

Hello all adjudicators who are attending JPDU Autumn Tournament!

This article is about:
1. Adjudicator’s test
2. Adj test exemption

1. The adjudicator’s test is out
You need to do two things:
(i). Read the briefing:
(ii). Complete the adj test:
a. Watch the videos:

b. Fill in the form:

The deadline: the 31st August

We are going to talk about other miscellaneous practice issues,
which aren’t included in the briefing, on the tournament day.
The test will take about 70 minutes or longer, because you need to watch the videos
and answer some questions that measure your understanding of BP format.

2. Adj test exemption
We have adj test exemption.
If you don’t want to take the test, send us an email with
1. Title = “your name & exemption of adj test”,
2. Your debating CV (adjudicator and debater),
by the 24th August.

We are going to announce whether you are exempted on the 24th August.
Read the briefing as non exempted adjudicators do.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Adjudication team of JPDU Autumn tournament 2015