The 関西 2016ACよりジャッジサブシディのお知らせ

The 関西 2016のChief Adjudicatorを務めます、大阪大学4年の小菅 瞭太と申します。
この度はThe 関西 2016 におけるサブシディ制度についてご連絡致します。

(The same one in English is written below)




The 関西 2016AC一同

Dear all,

I’m Ryota Kosuge from Osaka University, Chief Adjudicator of The Kansai 2016.
Thank you very much for sending invitation form the other day.
I’d like to inform about “Judge Subsidy system” .

【Judge Subsidy system】

1. Adjudication Core would examine the applicants based on the achievements as a debater and an adjudicator in the past.

2. The amount of subsidy is yet to be determined.
Please fill out the application below by【2/27】 by filling in the application form above.
We would notify the result as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, feel free to send email to

We are looking forward to seeing you at tournament.

Kind Regards,

The Kansai 2016 Adjudication Core